D.I.G.P. Brajesh Kumar Singh's Message

On behalf of Police fraternity, I warmly welcome you all to the official website of Daman and Diu Police.

It is my privilege to head Daman & Diu Police. My endeavour would be to strengthen the basic policing being provided to the citizens by the police force. The touchstone to judge any police force is it’s response to the citizens when they are in distress. We will focus on areas where we can further improve on this count. A good response system, infusion of technology and community policing will be the premises on which we will aim to make Daman & Diu Police a forward looking force. As an organization we will prepare ourselves to predict and meet future challenges effectively.

We are duty‐bound to enforce the law impartially, to protect life, property, human rights and uphold communal/ethnic harmony. Through our conduct and firm maintenance of order we shall further the process of development and growth in all aspects of social activity in our Territory. I urge upon the members of the Daman & Diu Police to respond to the distress call of the people, particularly of the women‐folk and weaker sections of the society without any delay.

Welfare of the police personnel will be a major thrust area. I would like my force to be healthy and happy so that their productivity is high and their behaviour with citizens impeccable.

I assure that we will spare no efforts in providing a strong blanket of safety and security to the territory. In this endeavour of ours, we seek your co‐operation.

IPS Deputy Inspector General of Police
UTs of Daman Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli